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Dịch vụ - Sản phẩm  >>  Xin giấy phép nhập khẩu vận chuyển nguồn phóng xạ  >>  Xin giấy phép nhập nguồn phóng xạ Kr-85 trong thiết bị dò ngọn lửa dầu khí

Xin giấy phép nhập khẩu vận chuyển nguồn phóng xạ

Mô tả ngắn: X5200 UVIR Flame Detector chứa nguồn phóng xạ Kr-85.

Liên hệ: 0976.275.983 hoặc 0941.88.99.83 hoặc email: - Mr. Hoàng Anh Quý!

Chi tiết:   Tên thiết bị:

Det‐Tronics X5200 UVIR Flame Detector
“1. Det‐Tronics UV/IR Flame Detector are classified as “UN2911, Radioactive Material, Excepted Package – Article”.
This is because the UV/IR Flame Detector contains a small quantity of Krypton85 (Kr85).
There are no known health hazards from normal use of these products, as described in detail in the MSDS.
Please consult local regulations for end‐user country restrictions on imports and Singapore's regulations on
exports of products containing nuclear by‐products material.
Please also consult your forwarder on any restriction on freight from Singapore to country of destination.
MSDS is attached for your reference. Item packaging will be as per Manufacturer's standard”

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