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Đào tạo an toàn bức xạ

Mô tả ngắn: Template of Training course summary (Radiation Protection Officer) Khung nội dung đào tạo an toàn bức xạ cho phụ trách an toàn trong việc quản lý an toàn bức xạ nhà máy sử dụng thiết bị đo hạt nhân trong điều khiển đo lường NCS - thiết bị đo mức sử dụng nguồn phóng xạ

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Chi tiết:  Chương trình đào tạo an toàn bức xạ cho nhân viên bức xạ trong sử dụng thiết bị điều khiển hạt nhân trong công nghiệp (NCS), thiết bị soi chiếu và thiết bị phân tích sử dụng nguồn bức xạ; Chương trình đào tạo an toàn bức xạ bổ sung cho người phụ trách an toàn Bằng tiếng Anh

1.     Course title:  Radiation safety training


2.     Course’s objectives:

-       Help students master the knowledge about radiation safety.

-       Help students apply in their work practice

-       After the course, radiation workers will know exactly what radiation work needs to be done periodically during the year, know how to ensure radiation safety for themselves and their facilities, and feel more secure when working in a radiation environment.

-       Help the person in charge of safety clearly understand their roles and responsibilities when working for the facility.

-       Know what the establishment needs to do every year to not violate regulations when using radiation devices.

3.     Course structure and content:


Session in detail

Topic’s Objective



1. Organize radiation safety management at the facility

- Guidelines for the development of radiation safety management policies and responsibilities of relevant individuals in radiation safety assurance at the facility;

- Guidelines for building radiation safety rules at the facility;

- Guidelines for making and keeping records on radiation safety.

2. Guidelines for planning to respond to radiation incidents at grassroots level


- Analysis of the risk of radiation incident;

- Assign responsibilities in incident response;

- Instructions for making some typical incident response scenarios.

3. Guidance on declaring and granting a license to conduct radiation work, granting a certificate of radiation worker

- Instructions on requirements, order and procedures for declaring, granting licenses to conduct radiation work, granting certificates of radiation workers;

- Guidelines for making a safety assessment report/safety analysis report.

4. Quality management system for radiation work, radiation work facilities and nuclear facilities, in particular:

- Industrial irradiation facility;

- Industrial radiography facility;

- Radioactive ore exploration, mining and processing establishments;

- Radioactive substances production and processing facilities;

- Radiophysics facility;

- Establishments using industrial nuclear control equipment, irradiation equipment and analytical equipment using radiation sources;

- Facility using other sealed radioactive sources;

- Facility using other open radioactive sources;

- Nuclear facility.


1.   Instructions for the use of personal dosimeters

Students know how to use the personal dosimeter correctly

4.     Who shall be trained:

-       The person in charge of safety is a radiation worker, must first be trained in the program for radiation workers with the appropriate type of work, and must receive additional training Content No. 14 on additional training for Person in charge.

-       The head of the organization or individual licensed to conduct radiation work must ensure that the person in charge of safety is trained in radiation safety and appoint only the person who has been trained in radiation safety in accordance with the requirements specified in this Article as the person in charge of safety.

5.     Frequency of refresh training:

-       Every 3 years, the person in charge of safety must be trained to repeat and supplement in-depth knowledge and new information on radiation safety..

6.     Training methods:

-     Offline or Online (depending on the actual situation before the training course is held).

7.     Training materials:

Each person in charge will be provided with 01 document: Additional radiation safety training program for the person in charge of safety.

8.     Training period:

Theory and practice:  01 days

Competency test:  60 minutes

9.     Equipment, tools and other necessary facilities: Computer, Projectors,…

10.  Benefits from completion of the training course:

After attending the radiation safety course, students will know the knowledge about radiation safety and will be granted a certificate according to the form specified in Circular 34/2014/TT-BKHCN.

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