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TRAINING PROGRAM FOR RADIATION SAFETY INDUSTRY Course content Duration educate A. Technical content 1. The Basics of Ionizing Radiation Definition of ionizing radiation; 1.2 Basic concepts related to ionizing radiation; 1.3 Active radioactivity, decay constant, half life; 1.4 Origin of ionizing radiation. 60 minutes 2. Interaction of radiation with matter 2.1 Interaction of alpha particle with matter; 2.2 Interaction of beta particle with matter; 2.3 Interaction of gamma rays, X-rays with matter; 2.4 Interaction of neutron particles with matter. 60 minutes 
3. Measurement of radiation 3.1 Quantities and units of measurement used in radiation safety: The projection dose; Absorbed dose; Equivalent dose; Diameter use; Record measurements of X-ray radiation, gamma rays, beta rays, alpha rays, and neutrons, personal radiation dose assessment; 3.3 Practical use of X-ray emission measuring instruments, beam gamma, beta ray and neutrons, instructions for using fish dosimeters human. 120 minutes 4. Biological effect of radiation 4.1 Mechanism of action of ionizing radiation with living organisms; 4.2 Factors affecting the biological effect of radiation; 4.3 Radiation damages. 60 minutes 5. Principle of operation of nuclear control device industrial, screening equipment, analytical equipment used radiation source and related radiation safety issues 60 minutes 19 Course content Duration educate 6. Protection against external irradiation 6.1 Dangers caused by external irradiation; 6.2 Protection against external radiation hazards. 60 minutes 7. Guiding the assurance of radiation safety for use industrial nuclear control equipment, scanning equipment projector, analytical equipment using radiation source 60 minutes 8. Guiding the assurance of radiation safety in transportation Radioactive sources 60 minutes B. Contents of law  
9. The system of legal provisions on security assurance radiation 9.1 Law on Atomic Energy; 9.2 Decree on the implementation of the Law on Energy death; Decree on sanctioning administrative violations in the domain atomic energy; 9.3. Related Circulars and Standards. 120 minutes 10. Control of occupational irradiation and public irradiation 10.1 Occupational exposure and occupational exposure control requirements public broadcasting; 10.2 Dose limits for radiation workers and the public. 60 minutes 11. Require radioactive source security for 60 minutes 12. Radiation incident response plan 60 minutes  TRAINING PROGRAMS ADDITIONAL RADIATION SAFETY TO SAFE PERSONS Course content Duration educate A. Technical content 1. Organizing the management of radiation safety at the establishments 1.1 Guiding the formulation of policies on management of radiation safety, Responsibilities of individuals involved in the work ensuring radiation safety at the establishment; 1.2. Guiding the elaboration of internal radiation safety regulations at establishments; 1.3 Guiding the making and keeping of records on radiation safety. 60 minutes 2. Guiding the planning of response to radiation incident at the grassroots level 2.1 Analysis of the risk of radiation incident; 2.2 Assignment of responsibilities in responding to incidents; 2.3 Guiding the establishment of a number of typical incident response scenarios. 60 minutes  
3. Guiding the declaration and granting of permits for the performance of works radiation, radiation officer certificate 3.1 Guidance on requirements, order of procedures for declaration and issuance of certificates to conduct radiation work, to grant human certificates radiation tablets; 3.2 Guidance on developing a safety assessment report Report security analysis. 60 minutes 4. Quality management system for radiation and mechanical work Organization of radiation work and nuclear facilities, specifically: 4.1 X-ray diagnostic facilities; 4.2 Radiation facilities; 4.3 Nuclear medicine establishment; 4.4 Industrial irradiation facility; 4.5. The bases for industrial imaging; 4.6 Establishments exploring, exploiting and processing radioactive ores; 4.7 Establishments producing and processing radioactive substances; 4.8 Radioactive Geophysics; 4.9 Establishments using nuclear control equipment in the workplace kits, scanners and analytical instruments radiation source; 120 minutes 29 Course content Duration educate 4.10 Establishments using other sealed radioactive sources; 4.11 Establishments using other open source radioactive sources; 4.12 Nuclear Facility.

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