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Mô tả ngắn: POLISMART® II PM1904A – is a brand-new personal dosimeter of POLISMART series, which is designed to continuously monitor and measure ionizing radiation from gamma emitting radiation sources and provide visual and sound alarms whenever preset thresholds are exceeded. Electronic Personal Dosimeter POLISMART® II PM1904A is the latest development in the field of professional devices of radiation control for wide use designed by Polimaster Team. POLISMART® II PM1904A operates fully autonomously, can exchange data with user’s mobile device in real time via Bluetooth v 4.0 Low Energy Module (BLE112)wireless connection (iOS, AndroidOS). The User Software allows recording tracks marked with DER and DE values using the ability of GPS positioning of user’s mobile device. Mobile app for POLISMART® II can be downloaded from the App StoreSM or from Google PlayTM

Liên hệ: 0976.275.983 hoặc 0941.88.99.83 hoặc email: - Mr. Hoàng Anh Quý!

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The device is recommended for professionals, who work with or around y-radiation materials. Since the dosimeter doesn`t need expert knowledge in health physics, non-professionals are able to use it for personal safety control.

PM1904A POLISMART® is designed for continuous measurement of personal Dose Equivalent Hp(10) (DE) and personal Dose Equivalent Rate Ĥp(10) (DER) from gamma radiation sources.

The dosimeter has two independent alarm thresholds for DE and DER. The first threshold means ATTENTION, the second threshold means DANGER. When thresholds are exceeded, PM1904A alerts the user with flashing light signals and sound alarms indicating that a radiation source is nearby or a critical dose has been accumulated.

For convenience of use of the device, lanyard and PVC badges with clip are provided.

Levels of sound and light alarm:

  • Green flash - the device is operating normally and background radiation is below preset thresholds;
  • Red flash/sound - threshold was exceeded;
  • Blue flash – the device is operating via Bluetooth



Track mode

The Track mode allows the user to record the movement of POLISMART® II and display it on the map. Track waypoints are added to the current route in accordance with predefined user conditions: Distance, Time, Radiation threshold exceeding.

polismart - track mode

Autonomous operation of the device:

PM1904A POLISMART® operates fully autonomously when the battery is charged. It automatically records all measurements in non-volatile memory at preset intervals. The interval of recording can be set within the values from 1 minute to 18 hours using the supplied User Software.

Communication with mobile devices:

Mobile app for POLISMART® II is available for iPod® touch, iPhone®, iPad®(iOS) and for AndroidTM mobile devices and can be downloaded from the App StoreSM or from Google PlayTM.

PM1904A POLISMART® II communicates with your mobile device using Bluetooth v 4.0 Low Energy Module (BLE112) connection. Bluetooth Module BLE112 has CE certification.

Polismart Mobile App allows:

  • Independent audio or visual alarm of the preset DE/DER thresholds exceeding;
  • Display of DE and DER measurement results;
  • Display of measurements results in various units (Sv, R);
  • Track recording with radiometric data display on the map;
  • History of measurements with automatic grouping and convenient display;
  • Downloading event data stored in the instrument memory to the database;
  • Working with the instrument over the mobile device in real-time data exchange mode;
  • Flexible custom settings (thresholds, radiation units, data sorting, filtration and so on);
  • Display of geo-linked measurement results of other users;
  • Measurement results sharing via Twitter, Facebook;
  • View historical radiometric data on the electronic map – The Map of the World

Network integration:

PM1904A can be integrated into Nuclear Protection Network NPNET® and to Dose Tracking System



iPhone, iPad touch, and the App Store logo are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Android and the Google play logos are trademarks of Google, Inc.

POLISMART® trademark has been registered to create a series of radiation detectors which can be connected to mobile devices via various interfaces. The first POLISMART® modification appeared in 2004.

Standards compliance

Designed to meet IEC 61526: 2012 requirements
GM tube
DER Measurement Range
indication: 0.01 μSv/h – 120 mSv/h

measurement: 1 μSv/h – 100 mSv/h
Dose Rate Accuracy 
± (15+K1/H)%

where H – dose rate in mSv/h;
K1 – 0.005 mSv/h
DE Measurement Range
indication: 0.1 μSv - 12.0 Sv

measurement: 1 μSv - 10 Sv
Dose Accuracy
± 15 %
Energy range
0.059 – 1.5 MeV
Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV 
Survive after momentary influence of maximum
permissible gamma radiation within 5 min:

Ingress protection rating
Drop test
1.5 m onto concrete surface (in PVC badge)
Water resistant 
Data channel  
Alarm type
visual, audio
Countdown timer
Display of time to critical exposure
Calendar mode
PC Communication USB

Bluetooth 4.0 LE for mobile devices
Battery charge time - up to 4 hours over micro USB
Battery discharge control
Battery is partially discharged: white-green light flashing every 5 seconds 
Battery is fully discharged: no light indication on the LED
Battery lifetime (average DER not more than 0.3 µSv/h,
alarms activated for not more than 20 s/24 hours)
- at average background 0.3 μSv/h - 2000 hours

- with Bluetooth connection 300 hours
Physical Parameters
60 x 38 x 18 mm
0.033 kg
Environmental Characteristics
from -20 to +50 °C
up to 95 % at +30 °C

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